About Our Association

Mission statement

AAMHL’s mission is to:

1) create opportunities for adult musicians with hearing loss to discuss the challenges they face in making and listening to music.

2) create opportunities for public performance either individually or in groups by adult musicians with hearing loss who might not otherwise have access to these opportunities

3) provide ongoing feedback to hearing health professionals, hearing researchers, manufacturers of hearing assistive technology, music educators and others to improve hearing device technology relative to music performance and enjoyment

4) provide educational opportunities to enable hard of hearing and deaf adults to appreciate and make music in ways not previously available

Our initiatives include:

* print and mail informational brochures about AAMHL

* create hearing-accessible conferences and workshops on making music with a hearing loss

* produce hearing accessible concerts by both hearing and hearing impaired musicians

* produce recordings of performances by hearing-impaired musicians

* produce informational materials on listening to music with a hearing loss

See a chronological list of our projects (PDF file) over the years.

Meet the AAMHL Board of Directors

President: Wendy Cheng, Gaithersburg, MD
Vice President: Dr. Dawn Mollenkopf, Kearney, NE
Secretary: Tara Harrison, Stone Mountain, GA
Treasurer: Jennifer Castellano, Thornwood, NY

Board members at-large:

Dr. Marshall Chasin, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Brad Ingrao, Fresno, CA

There are a variety of ways to support our Association – take a look at this page.