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AAMHL’s list of adult musicians with hearing loss
AAMHL’s event archives

General Information on Hearing and Musical Acoustics

  • Tutorial on how the ear works and the concept of decibels – from the website, Neuroscience for Kids.
  • Frequency-note conversion table. Generally, audiologists (especially those who don’t play music) don’t talk to music educators and music educators don’t talk to audiologists. Hearing aid and cochlear implant users are generally at a loss to describe their music/pitch perception experiences to their audiologists. This graphic of a piano keyboard notes the name of each key (for example, C4 is middle C) and the frequency (261.63 hertz)

Blogs and Magazines on Music and Hearing Loss

  • Deafened but Not Silent – Peter Selmacovich is a trained audiologist and musician in Canada who is also losing his hearing. In his blog he talks about ways to make ensemble playing easier for the musician who has hearing loss
  • Fehr Hears – Sebastian Fehr is an amateur trumpet player from Austria. He blogs extensively on the state of cochlear implants and education for people with hearing loss in Austria. The website is in German, but click on the language widget on the left side to read it in English.
  • Grand Piano Passion™ is an online magazine for pianists and all musicians with hearing loss from flutists to violists to vocalists, with both inspirational and how-to articles on how to make music with a hearing loss.
  • Hear the Music – Dr. Marshall Chasin’s blog on programming hearing aids for music performance.

Music Instruction for People with Hearing Loss

  • MultiSensory Sound Lab – The MSL is technology created by Oval Window Audio in an effort to explain what sound and music is to deaf students.
  • Music and Deafness – This web page by Carol Linsenmeier has several bibliographies on music instruction for deaf children. Please note that some links do not work.

Music Perception with Hearing Aids

Music Induced Hearing Loss

Other Organizations focused on Music and Hearing Loss

Consumer Organizations for Adults with Hearing Loss

Our Sponsors

  • Virginia Relay is a free public service that breaks down communication barriers for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, or have difficulty speaking. Offering a variety of telecommunication solutions, Virginia Relay keeps families and friends connected. Visit to learn more.