Our Online Communities

We have two online communities; one is on Facebook Groups and the other one is on groups.io for individuals who are reluctant to participate in social media. We ask that if you subscribe to groups.io, you provide some information about yourself (e. g. why you are interested in participating in our group) in the membership directory.

Discussion topics in the two communities do not overlap, but we will make every effort to ensure that important events and fundraiser events are publicized in both communities. Preparation and discussions for meetup usually take place on groups.io

Our home on Facebook Groups can be found here:
You can request to join the Facebook group. It is recommended that you answer the 3 questions we ask when you request to join the group.

Our home on groups.io can be found here:

To subscribe to the main AAMHL group on groups.io, send an email to:
main+subscribe@aamhl.groups.io – leave subject and body of message blank. Another option is to use our contact form and request to be added to AAMHL on Groups.io.